Whether buying new towels for your home or a hotel, the most challenging part is choosing a colour. White colours look great but wait a minute, so does the coloured variety.

How do you choose which one’s the best for you?

We’re happy to help you make a choice! Take a look at all the features of a towel to figure out whether white or coloured towels win.

Timeless Look 

White is a classic shade. You can buy bath towels in white or an entire set of matching white bathroom linens that won’t go out of style.

Home décor magazines sometimes show darker tones in a bathroom. Other times, pastel hues are splashed across home catalogues. Unfortunately, buying coloured towels can be an expensive affair.

Winner: White Towels

Stains & Marks 

White towels look clean and pretty - till they get dirty. With a good detergent, you can get rid of most stains on a white towel, but stuff like grease, fruit, and berry marks are a big headache.

Coloured towels hide faults. Rest easy when buying coloured towels, knowing that these can effectively hide various stains.

Winner: Coloured Towels

Laundry Cycles 

Since most clothing we wear is light-coloured, white towels can go in with the rest of your laundry load - no colour separation is required.

Coloured towels make up a longer laundry cycle. The key to minimizing towel colour bleeding is shopping for great-quality bathroom linen, but these will still lose a bit of colour from the laundry detergent.

Winner: White Towels

Colour Coordination 

Love matching your towels to your bathroom or kitchen? Unless you've got an all-white or a lighter-coloured interior, colour-coordinating white towels may be tricky.

On the other hand, coloured towels are perfect for all your colour matching and contrasting needs. Towels go in any room of the house; check out Let’s Make Towels to see what goes in your favourite one.

Winner: Coloured Towels

Premium Quality

Whether you are looking to buy white towels or coloured towels, you want something with super soft texture, high absorption, and durable use.

Winner: It’s a tie – at Trends Alley Pakistan.

We offer a range of bath and hand towels in both white and coloured options. So, take your pick based on your taste and use, and enjoy the plushness of a premium towel when you shop from us!