The time of the year when we say winter is here has reached.

Who would want to miss out on the perfect skin and body care regime in weather like this one?

An integral component of your care routine is your bathroom linen.

The material it is made of decides how your skin and body flourish.  

Making the right choice for your face and body is pivotal.  

If you are contemplating between the types of materials available and the choice you need to make, then read on.

We will walk you through the different options and the specific features that they adhere to. 


Trends Alley Panache range is one of a kind in nature.

It is perfectly tailored for a luxurious collection of bathroom linen that best matches your needs. Made of 550 GSM, the Panache steals the thunder of every other material available in the market. Its combed cotton material makes it plush and absorbent. With colours that complement your personality, add zest to your bathing experience.

You can find a distinct square-patterned border on the jacquard looms of these towels. With an aesthetic look and specific tailoring, its high quality is undoubtedly what you need. 


The Trends Alley Eclat range of bathroom linen has been designed keeping your minimalistic way of life in mind. Tailored for those who are looking for quality and vibrant hues, the Eclat collection is an ideal choice.

Made from the finest combed cotton, this towel's soft and absorbent quality is one to behold.

The lightweight terry of these towels is perfectly blended to give the vibe of being brand new regardless of the number of washes. Designed with a minimalistic sense of vibrant persona, the Eclat is one of the finest choices for bathing connoisseurs. 


At the epitome of our luxurious collection, you will find Bourgeoise. These high-quality towels have been curated with combed cotton of 600 GSM. These are distinctly soft and plush so that your bathing experience stays exquisite.

The tightly knit and woven regular cotton of these towels make them exceptionally absorbent. 

Trends Alley Pakistan – Changing your lifestyle 

Our high-end bathroom linen collection is available both online and in-stores. Choose the vibrant hues that best resonate with your persona from an array of materials and colours.

Explore our premium range of towel collections with affordable pricing today.