What makes a superb bath experience? 

The right hygiene products? Check.

The perfect water temperature? Check.

The comfiest bathroom linen? Check—with Trends Alley Pakistan's exclusive range!

A bath towel is more than just a means to dry yourself; it is that basic necessity that makes or breaks your bath experience. Imagine coming out of a hot, relaxing shower, only to use a rough towel that feels scratchy and takes ages to absorb water—leaving you uncomfortable and cold.

You need the best quality bath linen in the market, and we've got a range to beat the rest!

Here's our bath linen guide. Let's see what you need throughout your bath routine.

Bath Towels

We've got two different types of bath towels for you.

Our Eclat collection has a more minimalist touch, perfect for those who love a little subtlety! At 500 GSM, these bath towels provide a supple feel on the skin and fantastic absorbency yet quick-drying ability.

Need something more regal? Step on to our Bourgeois collection, a superior range of 600 GSM towels that not only feel luxurious but exude an aura of elegance and grandeur. The thick fluffy texture will give you the feeling of being pampered at a premium spa!


What sounds better: stepping out of the shower onto the cold tiles or a thick, plush bathmat?

We'll take the latter, as we're sure you would too! Your feet deserve some TLC as you wrap yourself in one of our luxurious towels—which is why we've got super absorbent and soft bathmats at Trends Alley Pakistan. Place them near your bathtub or shower and even near the sink. Don't forget to colour-coordinate with your bath's interior!


If a bath towel doesn't suffice to provide enough warmth and comfort—especially during chilly weather—how about a towel that hugs you from shoulder to toe?

We're talking bathrobes, of course, as no bath linen guide is complete without it. And at Trends Alley, you'll get nothing but the comfiest picks!

Choose between the soft and smooth Jacquard Terry Velour bathrobe or the superbly textured, comfy Ribbed Terry Velour bathrobe. Our bathrobes are crafted from high-quality combed cotton, which is made for excellent absorbency and comfort. In addition, our bathrobes come in two different sizes with a near-floor length so that you can envelope yourself into much needed warmth as you laze around after a bath. After all, we believe that a bathrobe is just as important as a bath towel!

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