Travel is exciting, but "packing" for it is a task that daunts almost everyone. But then "unpacking" is another task that can make your life miserable. So, the only thing that helps calm the nerves is to make a list. And we understand how having a basic to-do list for all kinds of travel-related tasks saves time, energy, and the last-minute-hustle. Because practically, it doesn't matter what bag you have but what's inside it. These travel-essentials-lists are also necessary because, believe it or not, we always forget something but realise it once it's too late. 

Although travelling light is key, everyone is different. Like if we tell a parent to "travel light", you can guess the look they'll give us. So, to each their own. Hence, our aim here is to provide you with a list of items you can print, screenshot, or write down for all sorts of travels. 

Starting off with carry-ons, the most important thing is your travel wallet. Make sure it's sorted and contains all cards, especially your passport, ID, vaccination card, and other details you'll need on your stop(s). You'll need toiletry and sanitary accessories, wipes, a mini sanitiser, extra pairs of face masks (thanks to Covid), earphones, a travel pillow, Trend Alley's face or hand towel, laptop, phone, and chargers for both your phone and laptop. For the worst-case scenario, keep an extra comfy set of clothes that you can wear if your luggage doesn't reach on time. And what we have learned over time is that one should also keep an empty water bottle. You can refill and use it at every stop without being made to buy a new one. 

For the main bag or bags, here is the best travel essential list for travelling in 2022: 

  1. Clothes- Make sure you pack clothes according to your needs. Keep ones that can be reused and fall into casual and formal categories so you can go out easily. And a pro tip, try keeping clothes that can be washed together if necessary.
  2. Shoes- If you're travelling for a vacation, keep a good pair of sneakers or joggers and wear them from home. They'll keep you at peace in case of an airport hustle or delays. Keep an extra pair of soft and comfy shoes or footwear that are not travel shoes but work as one if needed.
  3. Makeup Bag- always keep and buy your travel-size products beforehand so there is no rush. And it should always have a lip balm and sunscreen. You can also add your medications to the makeup box so that they stay protected. It's always good to have some basic headache, fever, and pain relief medications with some candies for sore throat and band-aids at all times.
  4. Portable chargers or multi-unit chargers, or travel adapters
  5. Socks- trust me, they are needed.
  6. Undergarments- from swimwear to everything else. 
  7. A set of towels from Trends Alley. If it's a quick trip, you don't need to keep it all, but a pair of face towels would be good, so you don't get the vacation acne. Also, an extra tip would be to always ask or let the hotel-service providers change the towels even if you stay only for two days.
  8. A laundry bag- you don't always find the time or place to do laundry. So, this keeps all the strange smells away from the bag and the clean clothes. 

Let us know what items you have on your travel list.