Love the fluffiness and comfort of a brand-new towel? Want to keep it that way as long as possible?

Then you need to read our tips for superb towel cleaning!

How To Make Your Towels Last Longer – Some Helpful Tips

If you're one for extra consideration towards your bathroom linen, then add the following tips to your towel care routine: 

1. Fabrics Softeners Aren't Always Softening

Wondering how to make your towels last longer? Skip the fabric softeners. Chemical fabric softeners don't fluff the fibres but create a coating for the towel. It gives the impression of a soft towel when the fibres may become tougher and scratchier in the long run. A bit of white vinegar does the trick if you want to soften your towels in the wash. 

2. Skip The Strong Detergent

Towels can get extremely dirty, so you want to add the strongest detergent possible. However, the key to getting stains out of your towels is not the strength of the wash but the frequency of it. Pre-soak your towels after they get too dirty after use and wash them with a gentle-to-mild detergent. 

3. Separate Whites & Colors

This is one of the tips for superb towel cleaning that applies to all your laundry: separate whites and colours! Trust us; you don't want that nice, crisp white towel turning into a patchy, shaded one when washed with your coloured towels. Admittedly, it's a bit more work, but ensure no coloured clothes make their way on your whites during laundry—and keep them apart until dry. 

4. Add Bleach Only When Necessary

Maintaining white towels is one of the hardest things to do. And nobody likes those nasty yellow stains that become very evident after a while. Bleach comes in handy, but you don't want to overuse it. Also, bleach breaks down fibre integrity, so skip the bleach unless you've got to ready the towels for guests! 

5. Gentle Vs. Normal Wash Cycle

One of the less-known tips for superb towel cleaning is this: many people think that washing towels in a gentle, long wash get the dirt out better. However, it's often the opposite. It would be best to run a normal cycle for larger, denser bath towels and sheets. It's more effective in removing the deep-set dirt and bacteria than a gentle cycle (regardless of how long the gentle cycle is). 

6. Check Your Water Temp.

Are you tempted to wash your towels in hot water to eliminate the germs and smell? You're doing it right—as long as when talking about white and light-coloured towels. Hot water can brighten up lighter towels. However, stick to warm water for darker towels, as hot water will make the colours fade super-fast. 

7. Dry Well, But Not Too Much

Too little, too much—both aren't ideal dryer settings for your towels. Leave too much moisture in the towel, and it may accumulate bacteria in the air. Also, you get that musty, fungal smell if the drying space is not well-ventilated. However, don't extend the dryer cycle more than necessary, which may cause the fibres to stretch and fray. 

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