When we think of bathrobes, we think of classic films, dramatic get-ready scenes, and some extravagance. Bath towels are practical, but what truly makes a bath or shower experience fulfilling is a bathrobe!

Bathrobes are a way to cover yourself if you haven't got your clothes near or need to prep up. But they are also meant to indulge in some well-deserved TLC!

Therefore, you can buy bathrobes for your home or hotel; these are comfy additions to either place.

The Need of a Bathrobe In Your Home 

Who says bathrobes just belong in a hotel?

Bring a resort or spa-like experience to your home by buying a bathrobe. Always look for the best material and quality you can find. Also, remember that your lovely new bathrobe will stay that way if you are considerate toward its maintenance. Explore The Ultimate Guide to Bathrobe Care.

When at home, you can put on your fluffy bathrobe when:

  • You’re done taking a shower / having a bath
  • Picking out clothes, as well as ironing clothes
  • Styling your hair and putting on makeup or doing skincare
  • You’re an overnight guest / have overnight guests over
  • You simply want to lounge around in something cozy!

No matter the reason, you deserve a plush bathrobe in your bathroom linen closet.

Why A Bathrobe Is So Important in A Hotel Room 

Bathrobes are synonymous with luxury. When people stay at hotels, they expect to be pampered. So why not level up your guests’ experience of staying at your hospitality service by adding premium-quality bathrobes in the rooms?

In hotels, bathrobes can be used for:

  • Something to put on after a relaxing shower or bath
  • Covering while rummaging through suitcases for clothes
  • Something cozy to wear with a movie and room service
  • An after soak/sauna/massage wrap
  • Warm clothing after a swim in the pool

In short, bathrobes are the very thing that could get you that extra rating on your guests’ checkout cards! 

Let's Go Shopping for Some Bathrobes!

Is a bathrobe essential for you? Absolutely.

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