Ever wonder why your nice new towels tend to wear out fast? No matter how high quality your towel is, proper care and maintenance keep it plushy and absorbent for a long, long time.

Got new bathroom linens? We've some simple yet smart tips for you to look after your towels.

1. Use Suitable Laundry Detergents

Laundry detergents come with "new and improved" packaging every couple of years. Some emphasize colour retention, while others boast complete stain removal. For towels, you want a mild detergent that cleans well but isn't so strong that it breaks down the fibres fast.

2. Avoid Chemical Fabric Softeners

While standard fabric softeners soften your towel, they may be detrimental to your hygiene. Chemical softeners coat towel fibres in chemicals, keeping the detergent from adequately reaching the grime and bacteria. Go for natural, eco-friendly fabric softeners instead. Or better yet, do away with fabric softeners altogether and add a dash of white vinegar to the wash cycle to keep the towel soft naturally.

3. Gentle Wash Cycles Matter

If your washing machine has multiple wash settings, go for the gentle/delicate setting to make your towels last longer. Heavy wash cycles can mess up the fibres on your towels. Use the higher setting only if your towels are filthy. Make sure to time your laundry correctly: 30-45 minutes for dirty towels and 15-25 minutes for partially unclean ones.

4. Air Dry Your Towels

While you can't air dry your towels straight out of the washer since they are incredibly bulky, try to leave them a tad damp in the spin/dryer. Air drying not only enhances your towel's lifespan but also prevents bacteria and mold buildup.

5. Stack Away In A Closet

There are two ways to store a towel: on the rack and in the closet. We recommend you go for the latter. Towels stay fresh when folded or rolled to be stowed away in your linen closet. Check out How To Fold Your Towels To Save Space for storage tips. 

Let’s Shop for Some Towels

If your bath towel is getting coarse and not providing enough absorption, it's time to get some new ones. At Trends Alley Pakistan, we value quality above all; buy bath towels from our premium range of bath linens.

Make sure you follow our tips to take good care of your bathroom linen!