Planning a new bathroom or revamping your existing one? When it comes to selecting bathroom linens, bathmats usually get bumped down to the last consideration.

But we’re all for paying attention to a nice, comfy bathmat. Let’s see how to choose the perfect size bathmat for your new home project.

Choose The Perfect Size Bathmat – A Few Tips

Our bathmat experts have the following tips to help you choose a great piece:

Tip #1: Measure The Floor

Where is it that you want the bathmat for your bathroom? Outside the bathtub? Near the shower cubicle? Or do you want it by the sink? Measure the area where you would like to place the bathmat. You can also choose a bathmat size considering the size of the tiles for aesthetic purposes.

Make sure to consider the entire area where you get the water splashes.

Tip #2: Shape It Up

Square and rectangle bathmats aren’t your only options for your bathroom linen needs. If your bathroom has curves where you want to place the bathmat, embrace them, and get something that fits rather than trying to squeeze in a standard four-corner bathmat.

You can find circled, semi-circled, and oval-shaped bath mats. For kids' bathrooms, a funky-shaped bathmat will do wonders for delight!

Tip #3: Go Big or Go Multiple

Like the newest trend of layering, smaller wall mirrors than one humongous one, you’ll find the same in bathmat trends. If your space is built in a way that one bathmat won’t suffice or you can’t find the perfect size, go for multiples.

You can place these in various ways—such as putting one in front of the other or making an L-shape around the sink or bath cubicle. It's time to test your creativity!

Bonus Tip: Go Oversized!

Statement bathmats not only fill space beautifully but also cover more area in plushness so that your feet enjoy the towel-y comfort after a bath. Going for a contrasting look in your bathmats for a bathroom makeover? That’s all the more reason to upsize it to add a wow factor to your bathroom.

You don’t have to restrict yourself to a small-size bathmat for your bathroom, especially if you have a larger space. Just make sure to get something that is highly absorbent yet fast drying so that maintaining your oversized bathmat is a breeze.

So, Bathmat Shopping?

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