It’s a feeling we all know too well. The bite of the cold air as you step out of the shower in winter, praying to be dry as soon as possible. You can’t avoid that unnerving sensation, but you can be free of it faster and more comfortably—and we’ll tell you how.

The answer is simple: bathrobes.

Soft and fluffy, covering you from shoulder to legs, bathrobes make the perfect wintertime after-bath companions. And when it comes to bathrobe shopping for winter, there is no one better to tell you about what kind to buy than the bathroom linen experts right here.

Bathrobe Shopping For Winter – What To Look For

Not all towels are the same. Similarly, not all bathrobes are the same. You’ve got different levels of absorption, density, and drying times. If you’re looking for an uber-soft and fluffy bathrobe, the kind in spas or the ones you see people on TV and movie frolicking around in, here’s a brief guide to bathrobe shopping.

Extra-Large, Extra-Fluffy

When we say large, we don’t mean so big that your hands disappear, but big enough to feel like you’ve wrapped your comforter around yourself. You’ll find two or three sizes in most bathrobes collections, and we suggest you upsize.

As for the “fluffy” factor, look for a high-GSM bathrobe material. The higher the GSM (i.e., density), the thicker and plushier your robe.

High-Quality Cotton-Blend

Why choose 100% cotton or cotton blend when bathrobe shopping for winter?

A bathrobe is important for you to stay comfy in chilly weather. Cotton is naturally absorbent, comfortable, and—crafted the right way—thick enough for winter. It's warm without the suffocating feeling and gentle on the skin. If you're looking for a bathrobe that absorbs well but also dries fast, a combed cotton bathrobe is the way to go.

- A Colour To Match 

Colour is an essential factor in your guide to bathrobe shopping. Just because hotels and spas have white bathrobes doesn't mean you have to get the same one. Sure, white tends to look crisp and luxurious, but it also gets dirty faster—especially if you use your bathrobe often.

Bathrobes come in a wide range of colours, and we suggest you get your favourite colour for some fun or match it with the rest of your bathroom linen set.

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