If you’ve stayed at a luxury hotel and have worn that fluffy robe paired with equally comfy slippers, you know it’s a relaxation unlike any. If you haven’t had the experience, no worries, because you can buy bathrobe for that warm and cozy feeling.

The key to choosing excellent bath linen is to look for unforgettable plushness and super absorbency. This begs the question: can I use a bathrobe instead of a towel?

Trying Towels

Towels are essential to our everyday hygiene and possibly the most hardworking members of our household linen collection.

You've got towels for baths, hand drying in the bathroom or the kitchen, and separate towels for the face. You can even get an individual microfiber towel for your hair to keep it looking great.

However, towels alone can leave you longing for more when it comes to bathroom linen. Come wintertime, don't you sometimes wish you had more warmth after a shower? Unfortunately, when the brrr starts, a towel isn't enough.

Benefits of Bathrobes 

Bathrobes do more than make you look posh. They provide an added layer of protection, especially in the chilly season. Where towels leave your arms, shoulder, and legs exposed to the biting winter air, bathrobes bring warmth like a mother's hug.

If you aren't sure what kind of bathrobe is right for you, we suggest looking at our brief guide on how to select the right bathrobes in Pakistan to make the right choice.

Fast forward, to answer your question, "can I use a bathrobe instead of a towel" know that bathrobes are also convenient besides being comfy. Say you've popped out of the shower and aren't ready to put on your clothes. You want to do your hair first or put on makeup. Wouldn't a bathrobe be the perfect accessory to wear as you prep and glam up? 

So, a bath towel or a bathrobe? 

How about both? Replacing a bath towel with a bathrobe is a great idea, but you still need something for your hair or quick rub-down needs.

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Happy shopping!