The perfect bathmat serves so many of your shower and bath needs: a comfy space to step onto, siphon off the excess water, avoid slipping and create a visually appealing space. That said, bathmat trends—much like any home linen trends—do change over time.

And we have the top bathmat trends of 2023 right here:

1. Bigger Is Better

We’re in a world of oversized everything. Oversized hoodies and scarves. Oversized meals. Oversized bathroom linen, such as large fluffy bathrobes and expansive bathmats. Large bathmats have a certain charm, almost playful, with an edgy flair. Plus, you get the added benefit of walking on soft, plushy towel-y goodness after stepping out of the bath!

2. Long, Fluffy Fibers

Fluffy bathmats make it more relaxing to step out of the shower. Traditional flat bathmats can feel rough under your feet, which is why you should look for long-staple cotton bath mats. These have the look of a statement bathmat, plus they are excellent for use during cold weather.  However, fluffy bathmats require a bit more TLC for hygiene and longevity.

3. Contrasting Colors

Super matchy-match bathmat trends are a thing of the past—and it’s time for contrasts! If you love a pop of colour in your rooms and bathrooms amidst neutrals and whites, it is high time to bring your vision to life. For a truly aesthetically pleasing bathroom, choose bathmat colors that bring out the rest of the interior. You can also go for lights and darks in the same shade, like a mix of bold, forest green bathmat paired with pastel green tiles and walls.

4. Breathable Materials

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from COVID-19, it’s that sanitization is crucial in every part of our lives. Bathmats may not be the most sanitary piece of bathroom linen in your home, but you can take a few steps to ensure minimal bacterial growth. Start with choosing a breathable material, such as cotton (preferably textured) for faster drying. 

5. Eco-Friendly Products

Being environment-conscious is a 2023 trend we’re the happiest about. Climate change and rampant resource depletion have taught us to be careful in every aspect of our life. Choose bathroom linen that is made out of material sourced in an eco-friendly manner and produced according to OEKO-TEX & BSCI certification standards.

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